CFLLPA Series - Economical Female Luer Plugs

  • Female Luer Lug and Female Luer Thread Plugs
  • Natural Nylon, Natural Polypropylene and Clear Polycarbonate
  • Economical with High Quality

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# Item
CFLLPA-N LPC14-NY0 Female Luer Lug Natural Nylon
CFLLPA-PC LPC14-YC0 Female Luer Lug Clear Polycarbonate
CFLLPA-PP LPC14-PP0 Female Luer Lug Natural Polypropylene
CFLTPA-N LPC11-NY0 Female Luer Thread Natural Nylon
CFLTPA-PC LPC11-YC0 Female Luer Thread Clear Polycarbonate
CFLTPA-PP LPC11-PP0 Female Luer Thread Natural Polypropylene