FC Series - Tubing Sleeve Clamp

  • Sleeve clamps are used to insure a positive seal when using barbed tube fittings with flexible plastic tubing
  • Very easy to use, locking sleeves require no special tools
  • To gain added security for the critical tubing to fitting connection, simply slide the locking sleeve back over the barb
  • Available in Nylon or Polypropylene


10 Items

# Item
FC-18S-N CJX54-NR0 1/8" OD Tube Nylon
FC-18S-PP CJX54-PR0 1/8" OD Tube Polypropylene
FC-316S-N CJX82-NR0 3/16" OD Tube Nylon
FC-316S-PP CJX82-PR0 3/16" OD Tube Polypropylene
FC-532S-N CJX85-NR0 5/32" OD Tube Nylon
FC-532S-PP CJX85-PR0 5/32" OD Tube Polypropylene
FC-14S-N CJX81-NR0 1/4" OD Tube Nylon
FC-14S-PP CJX81-PR0 1/4" OD Tube Polypropylene
FC-38S-N CJX89-NR0 3/8" OD Tube Nylon
FC-38S-PP CJX89-PR0 3/8" OD Tube Polypropylene