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IS Med Specialties (ISM) focuses on the medical OEM marketplace by supplying an array of medical component products. ISM is the master distributor for ITW Filtertek (an ITW Medical Company), supplying quality filtration and flow control components all over the world. ISM offers a number of products for the medical device marketplace, including fittings, quick couplers, tubing and stopcocks.

In addition, IS Med Specialties (ISM) provides tailored assembly services for customers in need of medical tubing sub-assemblies (tubing sets) and repackaging services. Repackaging and assembly services are performed inside the ISM on-site ISO 8, Class 100,000 clean room. The clean room is designed to prevent the introduction of additional particulate matter or bio-burden to the products during the assembly or packaging process. The unique sub-assemblies built by ISM are designed to fit specific customer requirements in quantities that provide convenience to customers. Contact Us to request assistance in determining the best components for your application.

ISM supplies the highest quality medical component products to the medical device supply chain.

ISM is ISO 9001:2015 certified for our quality control processes. This emphasis on quality guides all of our customer services, logistics and custom component and sub-assembly projects. Learn about ISM's exceptional customer service >>

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To Request Pricing, provide us with your estimated annual volumes or select a product category. Samples of any component may be provided upon request.

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