NMR Series - Nickel Plated Regulator

  • 10-32 Female UNF
  • Buna-N seal
  • 302 Stainless Steel spring
  • Nickel plated body with a brass stem
  • Exhausting and Non-Exhausting porting configurations
  • The Exhausting regulator is designed for air only, exhausting through a 0.063 orifice so that line pressure is equal to the regulator setting
  • The Non-Exhausting regulator can be used with air or fluids 
  • The panel mount feature requires a 0.500 hole, regulators are supplied with two nickel plated panel nuts
  • The maximum panel thickness is 0.250

2 Items

# Item
NMRN-1032F-PM 10-32 Female UNF Non-Relieving Buna-N Nickel Plated Brass
NMRS-1032F-PM 10-32 Female UNF Relieving Buna-N Nickel Plated Brass