ISO Certificates

Industrial Specialties Mfg., & IS Med Specialties (ISM) have received the following ISO 9001:2015 Certification: Manufacture, Assembly, Partial-Design and Distribution of Pneumatic and Fluid Components for Industrial and Medical Applications. As a part of our ISO processes, we are constantly working on continuous improvement programs. One example is that each employee is provided on-going training to assist them with making recommendations for improvements in each employee’s area to enhance the quality of every customer experience.

What is ISO, and how does it relate to the ISM companies?ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. The standards ensure that across the globe, business operations function efficiently, increase productivity and provide consistent customer satisfaction.

ISM has chosen to conform to the ISO 9001:2015 standards so that our customers will feel secure that our company follows strict quality control processes in every area of the business operations, including but not limited to design, production, shipping, receiving and all customer service activities.

Is being ISO certified a requirement to do business?No, it is not a requirement for us to be ISO certified. However, we feel that our ISO Certification is a choice that makes us a better company. Our choice to encompass these standards helps us to improve our company efficiencies and our effectiveness in the marketplace.

Who decides if you are able to meet your ISO requirements?ISM goes through a comprehensive annual registration and surveillance auditing process by an outside auditing company with an extensive resume of experience in the field of quality assurance. These auditors make regular visits to the ISM companies and go through all quality processes in great detail.

View and print the Industrial Specialties Manufacturing / IS Med Specialties (ISM) ISO Certificate:Click on the image below to show a larger image of our certificate. Please feel free to download this image for your records.