CRTG Series - Modular Check Valve Cartridges

Spring loaded (spring assist) poppet check valve cartridges for the CVIS series modular check valves. The free floating no spring poppet versions are especially useful for low pressure applications. These provide very low cracking and reseal pressures plus maximum flow rates.

  • 302 stainless steel springs
  • Free floating no spring option available
  • Natural polypropylene bodies and poppets
  • Spring loaded cracking pressure options from 0.1 to 10 psi
  • Buna-N (nitrile, NBR), EPDM, silicone or Viton O-ring seals

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# Item
CRTG-BU-PP 5/8" No Spring Buna-N Polypropylene
CRTG-EPDM-PP 5/8" No Spring EPDM Polypropylene
CRTG-SI-PP 5/8" No Spring Silicone Polypropylene
CRTG-V-PP 5/8" No Spring Viton Polypropylene
CRTG-BU-PP-.1 5/8" 0.1 psi Buna-N Polypropylene
CRTG-EPDM-PP-.1 5/8" 0.1 psi EPDM Polypropylene
CRTG-SI-PP-.1 5/8" 0.1 psi Silicone Polypropylene
CRTG-V-PP-.1 5/8" 0.1 psi Viton Polypropylene
CRTG-BU-PP-.5 5/8" 1/2 psi Buna-N Polypropylene
CRTG-EPDM-PP-.5 5/8" 1/2 psi EPDM Polypropylene