Customer Testimonials

Find out what our valued customers are saying about ISM

We survey our customers every other month, as a part of our ISO Certification. The comments that we receive are very encouraging.

August 2018

Kraig Keller has gone above and beyond to help ensure that we have the material that we need.  He has always been courteous and professional in my communications with him, even when the situation has been more on the stressful side of our business dealings.
- dlhBowles, Inc.


Mike Reid has been great in responding to my issues. The quality of the parts I’ve received from ISM has been excellent. When not expediting parts, delivery has been excellent; equally as nice is the UPS notification I receive so I know the parts have shipped. ISM is a great supplier to work with!
- Components Company, Inc.

June 2018

Thank you again for the gift of the 30 valves. These will be used to help the churches I work with make their children’s ministry more fun for the kids and attract families to the churches. Please pass on to the president of your company with my sincere gratitude.
- Awana Missionary to North East Texas

I want to thank you for all the support you’ve given supporting OKI and the APR product line. We are looking forward to continued success with DESCO.
- Desco Ind Inc

March 2018

Our first time to place an order with ISM and we are very satisfied for your service and flexibility. The right product in the right conditions, the right quantities, the right time and place. Thank you.
- In-Tec Bensheiem GmbH

We loved our samples so much; we bought some more. Honestly, it was a life saver. Your samples you sent me, enabled me to ship my job out to my customer on time. Your company showed us Great Customer Service in the urgency they took, and shipped out overnight, on the same day. Thank you very much!
- Sames Kremlin Inc.

February 2018

Mike R. did a great job finding what I was looking for and getting it to me at what I felt was a fair price. I'll let others know to check with you for similar product requirements.
- Bryterails

January 2018

ISM is one of the best TORO suppliers I work with - your support is very much appreciated!
- Components Company Inc.

December 2017

Really enjoying your Fall Newsletter. Pictures of our fittings, pictures of all of you at ISM and most especially, love reading about the nice things ISM employees have done for veterans! Congratulations!!
- Bev K.

November 2017

The site updates and new product videos look great. I can't wait to start shopping. Keep up the good work.
- Robert D.

September 2017

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you thank you for taking time out of your busy day to help someone with something that would have been a small and insignificant order to you. I really appreciate it. Just glad I finally found what I needed too.
- Bill

August 2017

Ryan, thanks for your quick turnaround, online ordering (that's key) and good product range.
- Gardner Denver Thomas

Mike, that is fantastic! This allows the repair of our infant transport incubator for the helicopter.
- IU Health, Clinical Engineering

July 2017

These parts are the wrong size for my use. I spoke with Tara at your office and received valuable help to get me on the right path. Your help was valuable and got me to where I need to be. Tara is my hero.
- T. Perry

This is great stuff! I received your email with all the links to some great resources to help me with my chemical compatibility question. Thanks so much Teresa and Steven for your extra efforts.
- Experior Laboratories

June 2017

Dave was knowledgeable and easy to work with - made the process seamless. Thank you.
- Specialty Hose Express

I'm just a hobbyist so to be able to order unusual items online becomes important at times. Thank you for making your product line available to the "little guy".
- Technical Services

May 2017

Very pleased with your service, quick answer to my demand and you're professionally oriented.
- Contact-Tech Solutions

Tara's service was excellent even for my small order.
- Norwest Safety

March 2017

I urgently needed assistance with selecting a fitting and getting it shipped overnight, Tara was very helpful. The ISM team is the best! 
- Servomex

I was searching for a more cost effective needle valve to be mounted on a vacuum shipping container I manufacture for a customer and my customer was starting to look for other options. ISM had what I needed at the best price, saving me from potentially losing a customer. 
- GL Machine

January 2017

Stephanie and Amie were incredibly helpful and responsive in answering my questions. My order shipped the day I ordered it. 
- Daecon Inc.

We used the two Clear-VU EZ Connect filters you gave us awhile back on an Induction Sealer that was giving us problems. I really like the push-in style filter because it can be changed in a matter of seconds and will not slow down our production workers. We really like that you can see through the housing at all the material it trapped and the strong outer case that can stand abuse. 
- Veltek Associates

September 2016

I enjoyed my experience with ISM. I ordered a push-to-connect filter to replace barb filters I had in my machines. The ISM filters were significantly easier to install and maintain. Now, there is no longer a chance a barb will break off or the tubing will fatigue and not stay on the barb any longer. I love the clear housing that allows me to easily see if there is fluid/air in the filter. In addition to a solid product, Mike Reid, was a great contact and very helpful as far as selecting the correct product and making sure it would work well in my application. Lastly, I found the pricing to be more than fair and will definitely use ISM in the future. 
- Carling Technologies

August 2016

Your compatibility chart helped me solve a problem where a chemical running through tubing was not holding up, now it is resolved, thanks. 
- J. Gauntt.

I found the exact check valve I needed from ISM and the price was far less than I expected. The online purchasing was quick and efficient and the valves arrived in a few days. 
- Frontier Innovations

July 2016

Great vendor - immediate response.
- Metrolab

May 2016

WOW!  Thank you very much for the fast service - Mike, great customer service.
- Kreg Medical

April 2016

Great Mike!  ISM has superb products!
- Camscience Limited

February 2016

Undeniably the most fun I ever had shopping for bulkhead fittings.
- Therma-Tron-X, Inc.

January 2016

Your products are worth every penny - superb quality and perfection!  Stephanie was a great help and was very patient.  The results of your Luer adapter attached to my peristaltic pump - SIMPLY PERFECT!
- Hahydra Technologies Ltd.

October 2015  

Mike and Stephanie were both great communicating with me throughout the process of placing my order, it was much appreciated!
- KBRwyle

I really appreciated my salesman Ryan Webber. In my own business I feel people make the difference in a business as much as the product and Ryan was so easy to deal with. 
- Major Die & Engineering Co.   

First experience doing business with you all. Ryan Webber and Kim Farmer has shown great customer service. Keep up the great work. Have an extra great day.
- Indmar Products   

Overall, I am very pleased with ISM, and will be using them in my future projects!
- N. Hall  

August 2015 

I have found your company to be outstanding in the quality of delivery. Superb! Please let me personally thank Mike Reid and Martin Maez for their diligence and support of my company. I would like to applaud Industrial Specialties' CEO for hiring and supporting such excellent folks.
- Camscience  

Delivery was faster than I expected. Communication with the staff on the phone was pleasant and professional.
- WV Department of Environmental Protection  

July 2015

Ryan has helped me through a lot of our problems and has always been very professional and extremely helpful. Any time an issue arises where ISM could help out, I always call him first.
- Quality Industries 

June 2015

"ISM is a pleasure to work with, no complaints from me!"
- Pnuematic Solutions Queensland  

April 2015

I like your blog. Very well written and informative! 
– American Dental Accessories


I have only recently dealt with ISM. My experience has been positive and I plan to order other products as needed. Stephanie is always helpful. 
– LeMaitre Vascular


ISM is a great company to deal with. Looking forward to building a long lasting business relationship with you. 
– Interconnections Pty Ltd


March 2015

Teresa, thanks for replying that fast. 
– OCON Medical

November 2014

You are a "Man of your word" unlike most vendors I deal with daily. You gave me accurate cost & delivery information and most importantly followed through as if I was your number one customer, thanks again 
– Gold Hill Nursery


My recent transaction with your company was flawless. My congratulations for a job well done and an efficient & professional team! I'll definitely utilize your company again. 
– Hygienic Process Solutions


I am so very impressed with your offer to send me two hose “T” fittings. I will recommend Industrial Specialties Mfg. to my associates and hopefully send some business your way.
– B. Fowler


Thank you for the follow-up. My recent transaction with your company was flawless. My congratulations for a job well done and an efficient & professional team! I'll definitely utilize your company, again, whenever my customers require something you can provide! 
– Hygienic Process Solutions


You Rock "Mike", you gave me accurate cost & delivery information and most importantly followed through as if I was your number one customer. Your products are of number one quality. You make it easy for me to recommend your company to others. 
– Gold Hill Nursery

October 2014

I appreciate your taking the time to explain this to me. I told the story of the 3 e-mails for a $1.80 quote to several people and happily went back and told them about your reply. It is refreshing to see that there are some businesses that still put a high value on serving all of their customers. 
– Particle Measuring Systems


Thank you for answering my question. Although small volume orders aren’t much, at a pop, I wasn’t expecting a response. It’s refreshing to know ISM provides great service to all their customers no matter how small or large an order may be. 
– Abba’s Sky Enterprises

July 2014

Thanks for calling Stephanie. I really appreciate you being so on top of things and ready to fly into action. Wish all vendors would be like you. 
- OnCore Manufacturing Services


You win “Best Customer Service of the Day” award! I really appreciate your help and quick replies regarding this issue. Enjoy the rest of your day. 
– Hartfiel Automation


June 2014

Mike has been an excellent Customer Service Rep while you were out. He was truthful and nice and I just think people like him should be recognized.
- OnCore Manufacturing, LLC.


Thank you for your help on these parts. I bragged on you guys in a meeting yesterday.
– Powr-Flite


May 2014

You rock Mike. Have a good weekend.
– Sentry Equipment Corp


April 2014

Glad I was able to find ISM to supply the product that was needed. Our company also incurred a significant savings purchasing from ISM.
- Diamond Foods


Can't thank you enough Kraig. Obviously, a very good quality company to do business with. 
- Sound Repairs


Mike Reid has been going above and beyond to get me the exact parts that I need. I'm glad that I found ISM, your company is a great resource! 
- BEHR Process Corp.


March 2014

I like that some items now have pricing on-line. Value and time are very important to us, so this added service is great. Thanks for having the parts I can't find anywhere else!
- Forward Biotech, Inc.


ISM has a number of items which we can use. We expect to utilize more of their components. 
- Genial Genetic Solutions


Kraig Keller is a pleasure to work with, thanks Kraig.
- Unisource Manufacturing


Teresa, WOW…what service! I am looking forward to speaking with Kraig. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.
- MDG Karting


Thanks for your quick response and your help. I really appreciate it. Your customer service is exceptional.
- L. Wood


Your service has been great!
- Warming Trends


February 2014

Kraig Keller has given us great customer service.  
- Liquid Automation, LLC.


The sample meets our requirements. I would like you to know that the service from your company is excellent and I'm confident we will use your products.  
- M. La Spina


Thanks for providing a small quantity of fittings and for listening to my needs. I will refer others to your company.  
- R. Callahan


We appreciate your support and prompt reply in shipping our order, as we needed it urgently.  
- Kulicke & Soffa Pte Ltd.


 January 2014

Amie, thanks for providing great customer service to our company in your diligence to assist us in accommodating our request. 
- Vasca Aquarium Supply


Very nice job! Thank you very much for helping us along. Greatly appreciated!  
- The Plastics Group


I think everything worked out good. I'm really happy that I found your company. It is difficult to find such a large selection of small pneumatic components in one place. I'm sure we will be doing more business in the future.
- Paul Design and Development, Inc.


Mike, thanks for all your hard work in getting our order processed and delivered.  I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
- Vestas


I love your new corporate website, a really great job you’ve done, it looks really fresh and clean.
- The West Group


 December 2013

Ryan, thank you very much for being so concerned. I received my order thanks to the interest and collaboration of your staff. It has been a great privilege to be assisted so well, very unexpected these days from other factories/companies . I will certainly recommend your company.
- Brandywine Realty Trust


 October 2013

Thanks for your help Mike with getting my order shipped today.
- Quality Restorations, Inc.


You and your company will come highly recommended from me and will also get nothing but positive recommendations from me, and you'll certainly be my first choice for any industrial fittings that I need.
- On Target Firearms Repair


September 2013

I am very impressed with your company. Your Spec Sheets have been most helpful. Even though we are a small-volume purchaser. Thank you and your Company for such great service. That is rare in our society.
- West Branch Medical


 August 2013

I am very impressed with your website, particularly because I am able to download a detailed drawing of a part from your on-line catalog.
- West Branch Medical


July 2013

Just spoke to Kraig about some in-line filters and he was so helpful! I just wanted to say thanks for making my day a little bit brighter - and of course thanks for the filters!!
- The Dental Office


Thank you for your efforts…an honest effort in today's world, a real rarity!
- P. Bowes


June 2013

Dave is great to work with, thanks.
- Neutrasafe Corp.


May 2013

I appreciate your support and cooperation with our recent transaction - hoping to expand our business together.
- Y & K Company


April 2013

We greatly appreciate and thank you for the sample.
- Misty Meadow Farm


I love doing business with ISM due to the great customer service I receive.
- Pacific Industrial Supply


March 2013

Thank you very much, you have restored my faith in business of the days gone by when earning a customer's faith in you was the ultimate objective.
- T. Raymond


February 2013

Thank you for the follow up I really appreciate the awesome customer service.
- Di Matrix Precision Manufacturing L.L.C.


January 2013

I received the sample of the 5/16" check valves, they worked great, just what I needed. I will recommend your company to anyone seeking the components you offer. Thank you very much.
- N. Carley


May 2012

Your new website looks great and works well - congratulations.
- The Canary Company


I really appreciate the personal follow-up of ISM with a thorough investigation and explanation. It is obvious by your actions that your team cares and strives to partner with customers to do your utmost for mutual success.
- Doubl-Kold

March 2012

Mike, received the filter and it works great, thanks. Even with the state of our economy - your help shows me there is still hope.
-  J. Vitable


Kraig, thanks for sending me the hose barbs. These will greatly help me with my science project! 
- C. Jaeger


Dave, thanks so much for your help in ordering these parts I just received. They are exactly what I needed and your patience with a small customer like myself was greatly appreciated.
- Erc Office Installations


January 2012

Whenever I need something from your company, I always get help right away. Good Job! 
- Market Forge Industries, Inc.


Stephanie Scott is the one I have dealt with and she does an excellent job! 
- Dave Felder & Associates


I enjoy working with Dave Neely and look forward to our future business with ISM. Dave is always very professional and easy to talk to.  
- Optimedica


WOW, Mike you are the best!! Samples arrived fast! Not many good people like you left!!!  
- F & F Tire World


December 2011

Thanks Mike, LOVE your Customer Service!! 
- 4-G Innovations


August 2011

Thank you very much for the sample. There are so many different threads that finding a specialty adapter like this is very difficult to find. My testing of a new sprinkler worked perfectly.
- R. Mawhinney


September 2011

I really appreciate the way Kraig Keller was able to work with our company through rough times.
- Advanced Rubber Technologies


July 2011

I just wanted to send a brief email to you regarding one of your staff members, Stephanie Scott. My call to her regarding information on quick connect fittings was a huge help. She went above and beyond in helping me, knowing up front that this was not going to be a huge sale. She treated me as if I was making a million dollar purchase. Her customer service and professionalism exceeded my expectations only because of contacting your company from an internet search and my “unusual” request. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and an incredible representation of Industrial Specialties Manufacturing. My sincere thanks and congrats to you for employing such a wonderful person.
- St. Clair Hospital


May 2011

Never had a problem! 
- Short Block Technologies, Inc.


I found my experience with your company to be very satisfactory.
- Eurochem Int Corp de Mexico SA CV


February 2011

Very supportive and fast in response. Please keep up the good work.
- Criticare System


Very good service provided to us.
- Chemflow Systems


Dave Neely and Kraig provided excellent assistance.
- ISCO-Groton


January 2011

Thank you for supplying us with the MPC parts.
- JED Engineering, Inc.


Good shipping times. Great at resolving problems and questions.
- Four-O Fluid Power


November 2010

Stephanie always handles my orders and questions in a timely manner. She is very professional, knowledgeable and courteous.
- Wells Manufacturing


October 2010

Kraig, thank you for the fast shipping of my order. It was a pleasure to deal with you.
- Dept of Fundamental Neurosciences, Univ of Geneva


September 2010

Great Job Industrial Specialties Mfg!
- Taylor Company


June 2010

ISM does a Good Job!
- Ultron Systems, Inc


April 2010

Our purchases are painless.
- Southwest Air Products


December 2009

Great vendor.
- MD Resource Corporation


November 2009

Overall, Industrial Specialties Mfg, continues to provide exceptional service and quality products. We appreciate your commitment to quality and on-time delivery.
- Bio-Rad


October 2009

Keep up the great work!
- Green Leaf, Inc.


ISM was especially helpful in developing and manufacturing our screened NPT to Barb fitting, thank you!
- Tonerhead


August 2009

Kraig and staff have been very helpful.
- Ilmore Marine Engines


Your knowledge of products is impressive and your help is greatly appreciated.
- Super-Tek


We are impressed with your company's positioning and service.
- Carlel Pty Ltd Classic Restorations


On time deliveries are very important to our company and we are pleased with your service.
- Acorn Engineering


July 2009

It is a pleasure working with Stephanie! She is always very helpful.
- Marlee Manufacturing


Definite improvement on the delivery of goods....
- The Canary Company (Australia)


May 2009

It is a pleasure working with my contact at Industrial Specialties Mfg.
- Thoratec Labs


This is just a quick note to let you know how impressed we were with a recent transaction with your company and Stephanie Scott. … Thank you Stephanie for the extra research, plus a quick and easy transaction. This puts Industrial Specialties at the top of our list.
- Health Mart Supply


April 2009

.. I have been dealing with ISM for just over 10 years now, and your service has improved greatly over the past 1-2 years. Very pleased.
- Purchaser, Vista Medical, Ltd.


 … It’s always a pleasure working with ISM. As you can see, I’m extremely pleased on all levels.
- Senior Buyer, Nova Biomedical


… Dave Neely’s the best!
- Customer Service Representative, Morse Fluid Power


… Excellent support by Kraig Keller and Stephanie Scott …
- Procurement Manager, KNF Flodos AG


March 2009

 … I must admit that I have seen an overall drop in performance from many of our vendors in the recent past. I have lowered my expectations as a result. Your company has yet to screw up anything for me. Keep it up, okay?
- Norstar Ind., Inc.


February 2009

… your sales rep, Stephanie, is a pleasure to work with. She is very helpful. I am grateful for the prompt service. Thank you.
- CEO, Golden Creations