ICCLA Series - Economical Color Coded Panel Mount Ring

  • Color Coded Rings for Panel Mount Luers
  • ICCLRA has Tabs for Anti-Rotation
  • Natural, Black, Blue, Green, Red, White and Yellow Nylon
  • Economical with High Quality

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# Item
ICCLA-BLN LKA20-NY4 Color Coded Ring Blue Nylon
ICCLA-BN LKA20-NY1 Color Coded Ring Black Nylon
ICCLA-GN LKA20-NY5 Color Coded Ring Green Nylon
ICCLA-N LKA20-NY0 Color Coded Ring Natural Nylon
ICCLA-RN LKA20-NY3 Color Coded Ring Red Nylon
ICCLA-WN LKA20-NY2 Color Coded Ring White Nylon
ICCLA-YN LKA20-NY6 Color Coded Ring Yellow Nylon
ICCLRA-BLN LKA76-NY4 Color Coded Lock Ring Blue Nylon
ICCLRA-BN LKA76-NY1 Color Coded Lock Ring Black Nylon
ICCLRA-GN LKA76-NY5 Color Coded Lock Ring Green Nylon