FDY Series - Filter Dryer

  • 1/4" Non-Barbed
  • Clear nylon housing allows visible inspection of particulate collected
  • Positive serrated tube seals prevent bypass of element
  • High flow rates with high retention rates allow customers to meet filtration requirements
  • Maximum Pressure: 100 psig / 7 bar
  • Maximum Temperature: 125°F / 52°C
  • Type SG: Silica gel moisture trap, dries gas, turns white when expended
  • Type MS: 13X molecular sieve for selective polishing and "last trace" light hydrocarbon vapor removal
  • Type AC: Activated carbon for general use oil

4 Items

# Item
FDY-14-AC 1/4" Non-Barbed 1/4" Non-Barbed Activated Carbon Clear Nylon
FDY-14-AD 1/4" Non-Barbed 1/4" Non-Barbed Activated Dye Clear Nylon
FDY-14-MS 1/4" Non-Barbed 1/4" Non-Barbed Molecular Sieve Clear Nylon
FDY-14-SG 1/4" Non-Barbed 1/4" Non-Barbed Silica Gel Clear Nylon