The clamps category contains a wide variety of pinch clamps, hose clamps, ear clamps and sleeve clamps. Materials include Acetal, Nylon, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel and Zinc Plated Carbon Steel.

Clamps Options

  • PCP Series - Pinch Clamp

    PCP Series - Pinch Clamp

    • Fits tubing sizes up to 3/4”
    • Easy one hand operation
    • Single position and Multi-position models available
    • Several materials available
  • UNC Series - Double Ratchet Clamp

    UNC Series - Double Ratchet Clamp

    • One piece double ratchet, black nylon clamp
    • Secures tubing in seconds with a simple squeeze
  • OC Series - Clamp - One or Two-Ear

    OC Series - Clamp - One or Two-Ear

    • Fast, easy to apply
    • Designed for mass production
    • No need to retighten
    • Dimple adds strength
    • Economical
    • Stainless Steel or Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Clamps - suited for air, fluid, gas and steam lines
    • These clamps assure adequate closure allowance and accommodate any variation in hose size
  • FC Series - Tubing Sleeve Clamp

    FC Series - Tubing Sleeve Clamp

    • Sleeve clamps are used to insure a positive seal when using barbed tube fittings with flexible plastic tubing
    • Very easy to use, locking sleeves require no special tools
    • To gain added security for the critical tubing to fitting connection, simply slide the locking sleeve back over the barb
    • Available in Nylon or Polypropylene