Plastics Shortage Hits Plastic Parts Supply Chain

Materials Miscellaneous April 1, 2021

Plastics Shortage Hits Plastic Parts Supply Chain

Raw Material Shortages Plus High Demand Disrupts Production

Manufacturers using prime and engineering grade plastics face ongoing shortages, price increases and ...

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Industrial Interchange Couplings Product Spotlight

MiscellaneousProduct Spotlights March 30, 2021

Quick disconnect fittings for pneumatic applications

Pneumatic quick disconnect couplings

Quick connect pneumatic (compressed air) fittings are paired as couplings. Pneumatic couplings provide lightweight tool-to-hose and other pneumatic connections that can be quickly and easily connected, disconnected and ...

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Plastic Fuel Filter Body Materials

Inline FiltersMaterials February 8, 2021

Quality plastic fuel filter housings should be durable, heat resistant and compatible with gasoline-ethanol blends

OE and OEM aftermarket small engine plastic inline fuel filters

Small plastic inline fuel filters provide small or carbureted internal combustion (IC) engines with additional protection from ...

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A Culture of Giving Back

December 12, 2020

Because we know the power of collaboration and connection

Although it’s not something we interview for when we hire, ISM has somehow attracted like-minded folks to their team. Folks who share a common value of giving back to their communities and other charities. 

It’s pretty amazing, actually, and it starts at the top.

ISM’s President, James Davis, is personally involved with ...

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ANSI/OPEI B71.10 Has Been Updated

December 1, 2020

Compliant Fuel Shut-Off Valves and Plastic Fuel Filters

Fuel system components for outdoor power equipment

ANSI compliant filters and valves

What is ANSI/OPEI B71.10-2018?
This is the newest edition of the ANSI and OPEI "Off-Road Ground-Supported Outdoor Power Equipment - Gasoline Fuel Systems - Performance Specifications and Test Procedures". This newest version of ANSI/OPEI B71.10 has a November 12th, 2020 implementation date. It applies to all relevant products built after that date...

Metal Swivel Fittings Product Spotlight

MiscellaneousProduct Spotlights August 18, 2020

Pivoting connections for moving machine elements and air tool ease-of-use

Fittings for air, gas and liquids flow control systems
Swivel fittings bring important advantages to pneumatic and liquid flow control systems. For air tools, they significantly increase maneuverability and ease of ...

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CVNUCB, CVNHPN, CVNMCB and JCV Series Check Valves Product Spotlight

Check ValvesProduct Spotlights June 1, 2020

Some versatile, miniature spring-loaded nylon check valves

A product overview of some of ISM’s popular product series
These compact made-to-order spring-loaded check valves come in versatile range of connection types, cracking pressures and O-ring seal material choices. They are made of tough nylon plastic with ...

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CVN, CVP and CVK Series Check Valves Product Spotlight

Product Spotlights April 21, 2020

A look at recent additions to our miniature low-pressure check valves selection

A product overview of one of ISM’s popular product series

CVN, CVP and CVK series precision molded check valves >>
These barbed and male NPT thread low-pressure plastic diaphragm check valves come in more than 90 possible combinations of ...

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ISM’s Miniature Flow Control Valves Product Spotlight

Product Spotlights March 4, 2020

An overview of ISM’s miniature flow control valves selection

ISM’s miniature flow control valvesIf it uses air, gas, or fluid, ISM has a small-bore miniature valve for it.

Plastic duckbill check valves with hose barb and non-barbed (straight) connections.

Duckbill Check Valves >>

Plastic diaphragm check valves with non-barbed (straight), barbed, multi-barbed, luer and threaded ...

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Check Valve, Relief Valve and Suction Strainer Product Spotlight

Product Spotlights February 21, 2020

A look at recent additions to our miniature check and pressure relief valves selection

A product overview of some recent ISM product releases.

  • JCV series compression by male NPT thread plastic spring loaded check valves.
  • NRVT series plastic in-line pressure relief valves.
  • NRV series natural nylon pressure relief valves.
  • CVNUCB series plastic spring loaded hose barbed ...

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