Three-way Ball Valve Flow Patterns

Miniature Valves September 6, 2018

Two-way and three-way ball valves are the most common types of ball valves. Three-way ball valves are especially useful because they can be set up in ways that simplify the control of gas and fluid flow. For example, they can be used to divert the flow of oil from one tank to another.

Our online and PDF flow control valve catalogs provide access to a wide variety of miniature valve types, connection types, materials and ....

Five Tips for Selecting the Right Valve

Check ValvesMiniature Valves August 1, 2018
Choose the right valve means answering key questions first Knowing what makes a valve the right choice Valves control gas and liquid flow in almost every process and system. As common as they are, choosing the right valve can sometimes be time consuming and confusing. Begin valve selection by first gathering some basic information on system performance requirements. Knowing this...

Bundling and Sourcing Create Real Value

Customer Services June 21, 2018
Supply chain excellence built on collaboration - The ISM Difference Strategic procurement and supply management Planning and organizing purchases is vital in business. Purchases affect facilities maintenance, design development and the production of final products. The best suppliers bring specialized experience and technical skills to all these challenges. Supplier expertise contributes enhanced part sourcing plus it adds options for specialized...

Extruded, Forged or Cold-Drawn Brasses for Miniature Valves

Materials Miniature Valves June 20, 2018

A look at the brasses used to make miniature ball and check valve bodies

Brass miniature valves are useful, reliable and economicalWrought brasses, alloys of copper and zinc, are frequently used as the body material for metal mini check valves and ball valves. A major reason for this is brass performs well at temperatures ranging from about -325 to ...

New Custom, Precision, Cut-to-Length Plastic Tubing Services

Custom Services May 15, 2018
ISM production department gets a precision high speed tubing cutter Expanded ISM custom services The ISM production department has added a new piece of equipment to their toolbox: a high speed automated tubing cutter. This countertop cutter is able to cut up to 100 feet of tubing per minute. That’s fast! Even with very short lengths of tubing that...

What Does ISO Certification Mean for Quality Processes?

Customer Services May 10, 2018
The ISM Difference is a focus on quality and customer satisfaction What is ISO certification? ISO certification identifies companies committed both to quality standards and the quality management systems needed to meet these standards. Achieving and maintaining certification is based a system of voluntary, independent audits. This accountability helps organizations maintain and improve the quality of their products and services. ...

Miniature Ball Valves: Plastic, Brass or Stainless Steel?

Miniature Valves May 4, 2018
Some guidelines for selecting the right material for your application This is the first in a new series of ISM blog posts about miniature valves and ball valves in particular. Why use a ball valve? Ball valves are durable, reliable and securely shut off flow even after sitting idle for long periods of time. Because of this, they are frequently...

FDA Compliant, Food Grade and Food Safe

Materials March 28, 2018

What does FDA compliant mean?
FDA compliant is a shorthand way of talking about materials that are safe for direct food contact. These materials are also called food contact substances (FCS).

An FCS is any material that comes into contact with or is used for manufacturing, packing, packaging, transporting or holding food. Both the plastics and the pigments used in making colored plastic fittings and cooking utensils are examples of food-contact substances.

FDA stands for the US Food and Drug Administration, a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

NRV and NVRT Series In-line Air and Gas Pressure Relief Valves

Check ValvesMiniature Valves February 28, 2018

New from ISM Design - Pressure relief valves for in-line flow and low clearance areas

NRV and NVRT plastic air and gas pressure relief valves
The featured new products in this post are the NRV nylon relief valves and NVRT in-line relief valves. They are designed for pressure relief venting of gases, gas mixtures or vapors that do not represent health or safety risks and are not reactive under normal atmospheric conditions*.

NRV and NVRT pressure check valve performance ...

What Does the Best Customer Service Possible Look Like?

Customer Services February 2, 2018

First of all, I think it makes better sense to call this customer support instead of service. Why? It’s most important to help customers solve problems. The old homely “the customer is always right” is a distraction. It is actually worse than that; overuse has turned it into a cliché. What really matters is helping people solve problems.

At its core, useful and customer friendly support is innovative, positive, precise ...