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Silicone Rubber Sheet Bonding: What You Need to Know

Materials MiscellaneousProduct Spotlights October 8, 2019

Bumping up against the heat seal requirements ceiling

Heat seal silicone-to-metal bonded sheets.

Where to start when you need high temperature silicone sheets?
Dick and Jane had a problem. They work for a contract packaging company that was building out a new facility. Because they work for a contract packager, the new facility would have lines for handling pouches, bags and other ...

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NRV and NVRT Series In-line Air and Gas Pressure Relief Valves

Check ValvesMiniature ValvesProduct Spotlights February 28, 2018

New from ISM Design - Pressure relief valves for in-line flow and low clearance areas

NRV and NVRT plastic air and gas pressure relief valves
The featured new products in this post are the NRV nylon relief valves and NVRT in-line relief valves. They are designed for pressure relief venting of gases, gas mixtures or vapors that do not represent health or safety risks and are not reactive under normal atmospheric conditions*.

NRV and NVRT pressure check valve performance ...

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CVSF Series Valved Suction Strainers – New Products

Check ValvesMiniature ValvesProduct Spotlights August 15, 2017

One-way foot valves with built-in 40 mesh strainers prevent coarse particle contamination

About the CVSF valved suction strainer
Our featured new product is the CVSF series of valved suction strainers, also called suction filters or foot valves. The design of these valved strainers is a spring loaded ball check valve combined with a 40 mesh stainless steel domed strainer.

The CVSF series strainers come in Kynar, Nylon, polypropylene and ...

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Diaphragm Check Valve Featured Products A1172 and A1173

Check ValvesProduct Spotlights February 16, 2017

These low pressure plastic diaphragm check valves are durable and economical

About the featured miniature diaphragm check valves
Our featured check valves are the compact A1172 (blue) and A1173 (black) plastic diaphragm check valves. They are designed for vacuum and low-pressure systems and only need very low pressure differences to open or close.

The valve bodies are made of quality heat stabilized Nylon ...

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New Overstock Plastic Diaphragm Check Valves

Check ValvesProduct Spotlights January 26, 2017

ISM has just added a selection of diaphragm check valves to our overstock parts

A little about our overstock plastic diaphragm check valves
We are known for our broad selection of low-pressure and vacuum system component parts. One of our most frequently requested fittings is the diaphragm check valve. This type of check valve is so useful because it provides ...

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