What is Durometer? – Elastomer and Plastic Hardness

Materials Miscellaneous February 18, 2020

Durometer affects what type of materials and fittings you use for your application

What is durometer?

Durometer or Shore durometer is a standardized way to measure the hardness of materials like rubber (elastomers) and plastics. Durometer measurement scales range from 0 to 100 but there is no such thing as a durometer unit of measurement. Another way of saying this is that durometer is a dimensionless ...

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What is an ISO 80369-7 Compliant Luer? – The New Luer Standard

Hose Barb ConnectorsMiscellaneous February 3, 2020

Luers for medical applications and the new ISO 80369 small-bore connector standards

What is ISO 80369 and how does it relate to luers?

The ISO 80369-7: Connectors for Intravascular or Hypodermic Applications standard for luer fittings is part seven of ISO 80369. ISO 80369 is a series of medical device standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization. The standards cover small-bore connectors used in the different systems providing direct, individual patient care. ISO 80369 standards were developed to significantly improve ...

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Meet the ISM Team - Mike Reid

About ISMEmployee Spotlight December 3, 2019

Mike Reid - ISM Account Manager

Born and raised in Colorado, Mike Reid graduated from Lincoln High School (Denver Colorado) in 1977. Mike Jokes that he has not gone very far in his life since the high school he graduated from 42 years ago is only a few blocks away.

After high school, Mike had a 25-year career in a Stainless-Steel manufacturing plant, where he excelled in many positions throughout his time with the company. He started at the plant ...

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Some Heat Sealing Frequently Asked Questions

MiscellaneousProduct Spotlights October 23, 2019

There is more to heat seal than just dwell time, temperature and pressure

United Silicone metal bonded silicone sheets.

An introduction to heat sealingHeat sealing is a critical process used for rigid and flexible packaging of all kinds. Heat conduction or heat transfer sealing uses heated seal heads or sealing bars to adhere, attach or close film to film or film to a rigid container. The results are leak-proof seals for bags, pouches ...

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Silicone Rubber Sheet Bonding: What You Need to Know

Materials MiscellaneousProduct Spotlights October 8, 2019

Bumping up against the heat seal requirements ceiling

Heat seal silicone-to-metal bonded sheets.

Where to start when you need high temperature silicone sheets?
Dick and Jane had a problem. They work for a contract packaging company that was building out a new facility. Because they work for a contract packager, the new facility would have lines for handling pouches, bags and other ...

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What is Acetal Plastic? — POM Plastics for Flow Control Parts

Materials September 9, 2019

Why Acetal or POM plastic might be the best material choice

What is Acetal Plastic?

Acetal plastic, also called polyacetal and polyoxymethylene (POM), is a general purpose, semi-crystalline, engineered thermoplastic. Acetal is commonly used for parts that need to be very stiff, have low surface friction and good dimensional stability. Dimensional stability is the ability of a plastic part to maintain its ...

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Meet the ISM Team - Susanna A.

About ISMEmployee Spotlight July 31, 2019

Susanna A. – Creative Lead Design/Digital

During her teenage years, Susanna spent hours using software like word and paint to make collages, CD covers and posters. By her early twenties she began pursuing higher education studies in digital design and fine art.

In the summer of 2007, Susanna applied for a ...

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Meet the ISM Team - Ryan Webber

About ISMEmployee Spotlight July 15, 2019

Ryan Webber – Sales Representative

Ryan has been at ISM for seven years, spending his first two years in the warehouse while learning this unique business before moving to the sales department five years ago. As part of the sales team, Ryan enjoys the challenge of finding solutions for his customers. His role at ISM allows him to use his ...


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Meet the ISM Team - Travis Scott

About ISMEmployee Spotlight June 3, 2019

Travis Scott - Marketing Director

Travis, our Marketing Director, a former corporate recruiter for Microsoft, has been with ISM for the past 10 years.

Several years ago, Travis founded RainierDigital. RainierDigital provides insight, education, and training on all things in the world of ...

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What is Cracking Pressure?

Check ValvesMiniature Valves May 24, 2019

Why check valve cracking pressure is such a critical specification

What is check valve cracking pressure? Cracking pressure is the minimum upstream pressure required to open a check valve enough to allow detectable flow. Detectable flow is when the check valve allows a small but steady flow of liquid or gas to pass through the valve body and out through its outlet port.

A check valve’s cracking pressure is a technical specification and is usually provided as psi or psig (pounds per square inch or pounds per square inch gauge) or bar (the metric equivalent of psi and psig) or ...

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