Elastomers Chemical Compatibility Chart, a New Resource

Materials December 8, 2016
The new ISM Elastomers Chemical Compatibility Chart is now available as a downloadable PDF Introduction Product development and routine maintenance require choosing and sourcing parts. Knowing the right questions to ask help ensure the correct part is ordered. Our new Elastomers Chemical Compatibility Chart is another in a series of ISM technical resources that help make component selection faster and...

Elastomers and Rubbers: What’s the Difference?

Materials December 5, 2016

Elastomers and rubbers are handy because of their unique material properties

What are elastomers and rubbers?

Elastomers are best described as rubbery materials. Rubber originally meant natural rubber. Later on, elastomer became the word used to talk about synthetic rubbers. Most rubbery materials are now considered a type of elastomeric material.

Elastomers are useful

Liquid and gas handling systems require flexible, durable and reliable seals. Elastomers are perfectly...

Mesh vs Micron

In-line Filters November 28, 2016

By: Travis Scott

As the Director of Marketing at ISM, I am responsible for managing our advertising programs, one of which is Google AdWords. One of my weekly tasks is to analyze the keywords and phrases people use to find the search ads we have created and look for opportunities to create more targeted ads and keywords we bid on.

Recently I’ve noticed a phrase that shows up time after time - “mesh vs micron” Since this seems to be a common search/question that people have I thought it would be helpful to provide some insight into these two measurements...

Tapered Pipe Threads and Fittings: Making the Connection

October 24, 2016

Ensuring a gas or liquid-tight connection means understanding tapered pipe threads

Tube and pipe are not the same thing

Tube and pipe are hollow structures designed to provide a path for the flow of fluids or gases. The main difference between tube and pipe is that pipe walls are thicker and stiffer. Tubing is never threaded because its walls are too thin. Pipe walls are strong enough to support cut or molded threads. Threaded pipe can provide gas or liquid-tight connections that are mechanically strong.

Pipe threads

There are many national and international standards for pipe threads. They vary by intended use such as garden hose threads and...

Job Opening - Operations Manager – Englewood, CO

October 14, 2016
ISM is looking for an Operations Manager to join our growing team in Englewood, CO. You’re the ideal candidate for this role if you have experience with inventory management and quality control, IT troubleshooting and cross-functional collaboration. Because of the nature of this role, you will be great at communicating with a multitude of different people within the...

Job Opening - Sales Support Administrator – Englewood, CO

October 14, 2016
ISM is looking for a Sales Support Administrator to join our growing team in Englewood, CO. You’re the ideal candidate for this role if you are extremely well-organized, proficient in MS Office (especially Excel and Outlook) and possess a strong desire to learn and continue your professional development with our growing company. You also take pride in providing...

Precision Plastic Tubing Cutter Added to ISM Custom Services

About ISM August 4, 2016

ISM production department gets a precision high speed tubing cutter

The ISM production department has added a new piece of equipment to their toolbox: a high speed automated tubing cutter. This countertop cutter is able to cut up to 100 feet of tubing per minute. That’s fast! Even with very short lengths of tubing that require more frequent cuts, the machine still cuts an average of 65 feet per minute. This is exceptionally useful as ISM makes thousands of tubing assemblies for our customers every month.

Announcing New Team Members

About ISM August 4, 2016

We are excited to welcome Quinn McKay, Ralph Reyna and Travis Scott to the ISM team

Quinn McKay joined ISM’s marketing team as a market research analyst. He is focused on discovering the core of our customers’ needs by researching a variety of industries we serve. Quinn graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in marketing and logistics management.

Quinn is an active musician and songwriter playing upright bass in local Denver bluegrass bands The Whiskey Treats and Mighty Pleasin’. He plays a major role in his father’s guitar making business, Up North Strings, based out Traverse City, MI specializing in laminated archtop components as well as managing the company’s operations. Quinn is very excited about his career at ISM and is very appreciative of the opportunities available for him here in Denver.

New Resource: Medical Chemical Compatibility Chart

Materials July 25, 2016

Get a copy of the new IS Med Specialties Medical Chemical Compatibility Chart


There are choices to make when developing a prototype or sourcing parts for a project. Knowing the right questions to ask ensures the correct part is ordered. Chemical compatibility is especially important for medical flow control components. Our new Medical Chemical Compatibility Chart can help guide the selection of these types of components.

In-line Filters for Miniature Flow Control Component Protection

Check ValvesIn-line FiltersPrecision Orifices February 17, 2016

Many systems use in-line filters in combination with check valves or precision orifices for enhanced performance


Miniature flow-control components such as in-line filters are usually installed in air, gas, vacuum and fluid flow systems to perform very specific functions related to flow control. It is frequently useful to pair critical components in complimentary combinations. Although the function of in-line filters is often critical, installing them to help insure...