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Meet the ISM Team - Mike Reid

About ISMEmployee Spotlight December 3, 2019

Mike Reid - ISM Account Manager

Born and raised in Colorado, Mike Reid graduated from Lincoln High School (Denver Colorado) in 1977. Mike Jokes that he has not gone very far in his life since the high school he graduated from 42 years ago is only a few blocks away.

After high school, Mike had a 25-year career in a Stainless-Steel manufacturing plant, where he excelled in many positions throughout his time with the company. He started at the plant ...

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Meet the ISM Team - Susanna A.

About ISMEmployee Spotlight July 31, 2019

Susanna A. – Creative Lead Design/Digital

During her teenage years, Susanna spent hours using software like word and paint to make collages, CD covers and posters. By her early twenties she began pursuing higher education studies in digital design and fine art.

In the summer of 2007, Susanna applied for a ...

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Meet the ISM Team - Ryan Webber

About ISMEmployee Spotlight July 15, 2019

Ryan Webber – Sales Representative

Ryan has been at ISM for seven years, spending his first two years in the warehouse while learning this unique business before moving to the sales department five years ago. As part of the sales team, Ryan enjoys the challenge of finding solutions for his customers. His role at ISM allows him to use his ...


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Meet the ISM Team - Travis Scott

About ISMEmployee Spotlight June 3, 2019

Travis Scott - Marketing Director

Travis, our Marketing Director, a former corporate recruiter for Microsoft, has been with ISM for the past 10 years.

Several years ago, Travis founded RainierDigital. RainierDigital provides insight, education, and training on all things in the world of ...

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Bundling and Sourcing Create Real Value

About ISMCustomer Services June 21, 2018

Supply chain excellence built on collaboration - The ISM Difference

Strategic procurement and supply management
Planning and organizing purchases is vital in business. Purchases affect facilities maintenance, design development and the production of final products. The best suppliers bring specialized experience and technical skills to all these challenges.

Supplier expertise contributes enhanced part sourcing plus it adds options for specialized add-on services. Useful services often include individualized kitting, bundling, parts customization and ...

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What Does ISO Certification Mean for Quality Processes?

About ISMCustomer Services May 10, 2018

The ISM Difference is a focus on quality and customer satisfaction

What is ISO certification?
ISO certification identifies companies committed both to quality standards and the quality management systems needed to meet these standards. Achieving and maintaining certification is based a system of voluntary, independent audits. This accountability helps organizations maintain and improve the quality of their products and ...

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What Does the Best Customer Service Possible Look Like?

About ISMCustomer Services February 2, 2018

What is good customer service and what does this mean to you?

First of all, I think it makes better sense to call this customer support instead of service. Why? It’s most important to help customers solve problems. The old homely “the customer is always right” is a distraction. It is actually worse than that; overuse has turned it into a cliché. What really matters is helping people solve problems.

At its core, useful and customer friendly support is innovative, positive, precise and timely. Providing good customer service also requires setting realistic customer ...

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Why Do Technical Resources Matter?

About ISMCustomer Services December 30, 2017

Easy access to technical references means smarter designs

Resources and resource pages are collections of useful and informative technical reference information, articles and guides. Experiencing the ISM difference means access to useful technical information. It makes choosing fluid and gas flow control components faster, safer and easier.

Engineers and designers usually need to refer back to relevant ...

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Why We Love Our Smart Site Search (and You Will Too!)

About ISMHow To November 3, 2017

Searching for parts at ISM is easy and intuitive

Just over a year ago, we launched our redesigned website that featured e-commerce capabilities plus an easier user interface.

In order to offer online purchases, we needed software suitable for an industrial distributor like ISM. Magento is the name of the software we chose. It’s feature-rich and can handle ISM’s 80,000 plus parts catalog.

We couldn’t be happier with ...

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10 Reasons to Love ISM’s Redesigned Website

About ISMHow To August 16, 2017

Improved Navigation and User Interface

Our previous website was a good website. Over time though, we found ourselves wanting to improve functionality and navigation beyond what it was capable of. Added to that were occasional customer requests for more features, services and capabilities we really wanted to provide.

Well, after a lot of work and planning, we launched our new website and it has the design flexibility we wanted. This flexibility has allowed us to continue to enhance and improve it and we believe it provides an even better ...

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When Do Customized Services Matter?

About ISMCustomer Services August 4, 2017

The ISM Difference - It matters every time you contact your partner vendor for help and advice

When using a supplier website or contacting them for a component part, you have some specific ideas in mind. It can be surprisingly difficult though, finding something that works right off-the-shelf.

What to do next? Rethink the design idea or keep searching?

Wouldn’t it be better if there were one single source you could turn to? The best option is a  ...

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5 Reasons for Outsourcing Inventory Management

About ISMCustomer Services July 3, 2017

The ISM Difference - Keep inventory under control so you can focus on what you do best

The key to manufacturing competitiveness is taking care of valuable resources. Businesses that reduce management distractions, minimize inventory-carrying costs and focus on core competencies improve their competitive advantage. Outsourcing inventory management can be useful for achieving these goals.

Inventory management is important to any business trying to remain competitive and profitable while continuing to grow. Not enough  ...

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New ISM team members

About ISMEmployee Spotlight March 2, 2017

We are pleased to announce the newest members of the ISM team!

Mark Glazener joined ISM’s warehouse efficiency team and assists with processes involving inventory and shipments. His position as a Warehouse Associate is vital in assuring we deliver when we promise and that our inventory is methodically organized and counted. His long time experience in warehouse and production has been a tremendous addition to our team.

Tara Odgen joined the team as Sales Support Coordinator. Tara supports our busy sales team with quote requests, samples, eCommerce and purchase orders, as well as providing customer support. Her degree in Business Management and experience in ...

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Announcing New Team Members

About ISMEmployee Spotlight August 4, 2016

We are excited to welcome Quinn McKay, Ralph Reyna and Travis Scott to the ISM team

Quinn McKay joined ISM’s marketing team as a market research analyst. He is focused on discovering the core of our customers’ needs by researching a variety of industries we serve. Quinn graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in marketing and logistics management.

Quinn is an active musician and songwriter playing upright bass in local Denver bluegrass bands ...

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There is More to Standing Desks than Just Standing

About ISM July 7, 2015

Which do you prefer – sitting or standing at your desk?

I have been using standing desks for quite a while to deal with problems I have with sitting too long. I requested an adjustable desk shortly after I started working in the ISM office. This has caught on and several other co-workers are now using standing desks as well. In this post I talk about the use of standing desks at ISM and some related health issues.

Is a standing desk the solution for you?
I wanted a desk with a height that was adjustable for either standing or sitting on a stool. The solution was a used Kesseboehmer Ergonomietechnik TMQ71 height adjustable desk. This was perfect for ...

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