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Strategic procurement and supply management
Planning and organizing purchases is vital in business. Purchases affect facilities maintenance, design development and the production of final products. The best suppliers bring specialized experience and technical skills to all these challenges.

Supplier expertise contributes enhanced part sourcing plus it adds options for specialized add-on services. Useful services often include individualized kitting, bundling, parts customization and sub-assemblies.

Enhance supplier relationship management
Take advantage of ISM's experience sourcing flow control and fluid management components. Add on our customization services and get a single-source, flexible and capable supplier. Our sourcing and bundling services provide both convenience and cost savings. And our specialized add-on services provide supply chain support for a complete procurement strategy.

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An exploded view of an ISM modular check valve. Click here to go to a landing page where you can get more information about these valves.

Modular Check Valves

We've taken spring-loaded check valves to a whole new level. Mix and match imperial and metric connections. Watch the video.

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Simplify procurement processes
We can bundle together useful combinations of flow control and fluid management components. ISM can also augment these bundles with customized parts and sub-assemblies as needed. A single-source solution that speeds up and simplifies complex design and production projects.


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Create highly customized kitted parts specifications
Create kitted lists of parts that meet your specifications and let us do the rest. Customized bundles can reduce operating costs. They can also simplify your existing sourcing and fulfillment processes. Build on this by combining our experienced parts sourcing with value-added services.

A component bundling strategy is a great place to start
Creating useful component bundles often combines both parts sourcing and custom services. Experience and flexibility, something ISM prides itself in, makes complex bundling possible. Use it to gain real market advantages.

  • Better after-sale product support
  • Simplified plant facilities maintenance
  • Greater design development flexibility

Improve product design and development efficiency
Custom bundled parts kits are especially useful for product design and development. Redesigns are fewer, simpler and easier with a collaborative supplier relationship. This also provides consistency, which helps with planning after-sale maintenance and repair support.

ISM in particular is able to take on special projects at low volume levels that most others will not. We can also support the size of production runs required for finalized products. 

Procurement and "value creation". What do you really mean? by Petro Hugo Rocha, Global Procurement Director Packaging at Campari Group.

Options for flow control and fluid management bundled kits

  • Customized parts
  • Sourced specialty parts
  • Custom sub-assemblies

Bundled kits improve total cost of ownership

  • Lower inventory carrying costs
  • Simplify procurement processes
  • Ease just-in-time production planning
  • Provide faster, more nimble production
  • Reduce costs for locating and managing materials
  • Simplify the addition of customized parts and sub-assemblies

Sourcing for quality supports the entire organization
Sourcing higher quality parts brings benefits to production, maintenance and final product performance. The right supplier can ensure that quality parts are procured. This provides significant production and maintenance advantages.

  • Fewer repairs
  • Less machinery downtime
  • Reduced risks from damaged or malfunctioning machinery

The durability and performance of finished products are also enhanced. This creates greater customer satisfaction while also lowering warranty and maintenance costs.

A Procurement Specialist's Guide to the Differences Between B2B and B2C Sellers from Industrial Distribution.

The benefits of quality parts for production and maintenance

  • Fewer repairs
  • Minimized risk
  • Less downtime
  • Less frequent parts replacement

Higher quality parts help ensure final product quality

  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Lower warranty costs
  • Reduce after-sale maintenance costs
  • More durable products generate greater customer satisfaction

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Get real market advantages from customized bundling and sourcing
Well-designed supply management and procurement is critical for effective strategic company planning. Supplier relationships for part sourcing and bundling are integral to this planning. They can simplify processes while reducing costs. Plus, they can bring add-on services that also benefit facilities maintenance, design development and product manufacturing.

Combine customized sourcing and bundling with services like parts customization and custom sub-assemblies. Specialized suppliers like ISM can provide experience and technical ability that creates real value in your procurement process. Get increased reliability, simplified production and a reduced purchasing workload.

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