ISM CEO Becomes Titan100 Recipient

The Titan100 logo, a program to recognize a premier group of 100 CEO’s and C-level executives in the Colorado metropolitan area.

“The most successful people see adversity not as a stumbling block, but as a stepping-stone to greatness.” Shawn Anchor

Outstanding leadership isn’t easy to come by. It seems that only a small percentage of CEOs can continually grow a business while still earning the respect of their employees along the way.  James Davis, ISM’s CEO and president, has managed to occupy that seat for 15 years since purchasing the company in 2006. He’s led by example, which has allowed ISM to thrive as a global distributor.

Last year, Covid-19 turned the world upside down and forced everyone to pivot. While Covid continues to demand adaptability from individuals and companies alike, ISM has found a solid footing along the way. As an ISO 9001 company and a global supplier of pneumatic, vacuum, and fluid circuitry components, we aren’t privy to new challenges. Ups and downs are part of business, but despite the unique challenges that came with 2020, our team didn’t skip a beat under James’ leadership.

James is a big advocate for customer service; it’s at the center of everything we do and is a big part of why ISM was able to thrive this past year. Even when we didn’t have all the answers, James reinforced the importance of communicating with our customers to provide them with as much transparency as possible. This type of mentality has been the backbone of the company ever since he purchased ISM.

Despite obstacles beyond our control, such as ongoing supply chain delays and global material shortages, we’ve worked hard to stay on top of what we can control. As we faced new challenges in 2020, James took every adversity head-on, continuously encouraging his team.

An example of James’ leadership was working with Ford Motors as part of the Defense Production Act (DPA). ISM was able to provide components for 50,000 ventilators during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. To accomplish this, James worked tirelessly along with the ISM team, suppliers, and Ford to obtain the parts needed for the ventilators, including arranging expedited shipping and product transportation to Ford’s manufacturing facility.

James shown with staff from the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

James shown with staff from
the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

James’ hard work and dedication have been recognized throughout the years, not only in business but in his support for the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. As a longtime board member, James gives back to the community by helping people experiencing homelessness in Colorado. It’s what he’s most passionate about, and our team is proud to work for someone who has such compassion and empathy for others.

At the end of April 2021, James was recognized as one of Titan100’s top CEOs and C-level executives. The Titan100 represents leaders in every industry, from healthcare to manufacturing, to hospitality, and more. On July 22nd, the winners will be celebrated at “The Vehicle Vault” in Parker, Colorado. These CEOs are selected based on their leadership, passion, and vision. Just as James regularly praises our team, we believe it’s time to turn the tables and give him the recognition he deserves.

James Davis, ISM’s CEO and President shown in the Titan 100 program studio conducting an interview in front of a camera.

Congratulations James!

Jaime Zawmon, president of Titan100, put it perfectly when she said, “We proudly recognize the Titan100 for their achievements and contributions to Colorado’s business community and beyond. This past year, these executives were forced to navigate the daunting effects of a worldwide pandemic and their leadership was tested. The Titan100 have proven their ability to adapt, innovate, and grow. We congratulate this year’s list of prestigious honorees.”

Our team is proud of our president and CEO for this prestigious recognition. Please join us in congratulating James on this tremendous honor!


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Victoria Jewell is a customer service representative and account manager at Industrial Specialties Manufacturing (ISM), an ISO 9001:2015 supplier of miniature pneumatic, vacuum, and fluid circuitry components to OEM's and distributors all over the world. She writes on the personal topics related to the culture and atmosphere at ISM.