ISM’s Miniature Flow Control Valves Product Spotlight

An overview of ISM’s miniature flow control valves selection

ISM’s miniature flow control valvesIf it uses air, gas, or fluid, ISM has a small-bore miniature valve for it.

Watch this short video overview about the ISM selection of miniature, small-bore flow control valves >>

Plastic duckbill check valves with hose barb and non-barbed (straight) connections.

Plastic diaphragm check valves with non-barbed (straight), barbed, multi-barbed, luer and threaded connections.

Spring loaded check valves with thousands of material, configuration and connection options. Available in equal and reducing sizes.

​Two-way and three-way ball valves. Choices of barbed, threaded and push-in connection types and a variety of configurations. Plastics, brass and stainless steel material options.

Needle valves for precision and metered flow control. Available in a variety of metals, plastics, connection types and body designs.

Two or three port plastic and metal stopcocks with barbed, male luer and female luer connection options.

​Pressure relief valves in various plastics and metals plus a variety of seal materials. Zero dead volume metal and plastic pinch valves. Available with micrometer dials.

A sampling of our blog articles about valves:

  • Stainless Steel Materials for Miniature Flow Control Valves >>
    Stainless steel materials are strong, pressure and temperature resistant, tough, less reactive and more durable than cast iron, ductile iron, brass or copper. They are a great metal choice for fluid and gas flow control valves. Find out more about the stainless steels commonly used to make miniature flow control valves.

Figure 2 is a PMBV series 3-way diverter ball valve.

  • Three-way Ball Valve Flow Patterns >>
    Three-way ball valves simplify gas and fluid flow control. The choice of flow pattern or valve ball porting (T-port vs L-port) provides specific options. This post looks at design differences between L-pattern and T-pattern flow plus how handle position and range of rotation combine with porting to control flow.
  • Five Tips for Selecting the Right Valve >>
    Learn some useful tips for selecting the correct type of valve for your application. Choosing the right valve begins with knowing the role it plays. Knowing its purpose plus a few more key considerations will simplify and speed up any valve selection process. These valve selection tips are a great place to start.
  • More blog articles about miniature valves >>


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Get tips and insights about check valves and how they work
Check valves, non-return or one-way valves, allow liquid or air to flow in only one direction. Manufacturers make them in a wide range of sizes and types. Tremendous varieties of applications use them to prevent costly or even dangerous backflow.

Even though check valves are widely used for everyday applications, the how and why of check valves and their different designs is not always well understood. Here is some additional information about valves from the ISM blog:

A sampling of our blog articles about check valves:

  • Checking Out Check Valves – An Introduction >>
    How miniature check valves work and function plus descriptions of the most common types. These valves allow liquid or air to flow in only one direction.
  • How Do Diaphragm Check Valves Work? >>
    Many small-bore low pressure systems use plastic diaphragm check valves. This post describes how the two major types of low pressure miniature and small-bore diaphragm check valves work.
  • What is Cracking Pressure? >>
    Curious about check valve cracking pressure? Get a better understanding of this critical check valve specification plus advice about selecting check valves. Learn how check valve cracking pressure affects reseal pressure and performance. Find out how check valve selection and sizing can help prevent premature wear.
  • More blog articles about check valves >>

Figure 3 is a typical miniature low pressure diaphragm check valve cross section and exploded views.

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Looking for the right miniature, small-bore valve?
Are you developing a design for or maintaining a small-bore air, gas or fluid system? Then ISM has the valve for it.
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Keep in mind we carry thousands of miniature flow control valves. Plus, thousands of related products like connectors, adapters, gauges and so on.

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Learn more about the different types of miniature flow control valves you can get from us.

A sample selection of the types of miniature flow control valves carried by ISM.

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