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What is an ISO 80369-7 Compliant Luer? – The New Luer Standard

Hose Barb ConnectorsMiscellaneous February 3, 2020

Luers for medical applications and the new ISO 80369 small-bore connector standards

What is ISO 80369 and how does it relate to luers?

The ISO 80369-7: Connectors for Intravascular or Hypodermic Applications standard for luer fittings is part seven of ISO 80369. ISO 80369 is a series of medical device standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization. The standards cover small-bore connectors used in the different systems providing direct, individual patient care. ISO 80369 standards were developed to significantly improve ...

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Barb Connectors in Depth – Design and Function

Hose Barb Connectors January 12, 2016

An introduction to barb connectors

Barb connectors, frequently called hose barb, or hose barbed connections, are one of the most common flow control components because of convenience, reliability, performance and excellent value. Uses range from garden hose adapters to biopharmaceutical process system connections. Despite their widespread use the how and why of barb design and the resulting range of functions and technical effects are not always well understood. This blog post looks at the design of barb connectors in some detail. It focuses on barb connector functions, how barb design affects performance and includes some tips for ...

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