Plastic Diaphragm Check Valves

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Plastic diaphragm check valvesProduct Spotlight 130

Plastic diaphragm check valves provide one-directional flow of gases or liquids in low pressure applications. These miniature check valves prevent unwanted, potentially damaging back flow and will operate in any orientation.

Plastic diaphragm check valves features & benefits:

  • Low opening pressures for quick response
  • Positive self-sealing prevents reverse flow
  • Several material options available to ensure chemical compatibility
  • Connections include: single barb, multi-barb, non-barbed and luer
  • Up to 50psi maximum pressure

Visit our website for more information and to download parts list with specs. 

If one of our standard products does not meet your needs, our team of experts will work with your engineers to design a product to fit your specifications. All products are produced and typically shipped directly from us to you, saving both time and expense. You can also visit our Resources page for our chemical compatibility chart and much more.

It is the sole responsibility of the system designer and user to select products suitable for their specific application requirements and to ensure proper installation, operation and maintenance of these products. Material compatibility, product ratings and application details should be considered in the proper product selection. 

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