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The ISM catalog currently includes over 70,000 vacuum, gas, air and fluid flow control parts. But customer needs continue to evolve and change. Because of this, we are continually sourcing and adding new products to meet both specific customer needs and the constantly evolving marketplace.

If what we have isn't what you need, we can also try to design something that is. That's what a number of our products represent - customized designs for unique customer challenges.

Learn about some of our newest product additions in the short videos below.


Metal Swivel Fittings – 7 New Series

Metal swivel fittings eliminate kinking and twisting with minimal resistance. This extends hose life and minimizes costs by eliminating kinks in supply lines. When used with hand tools, they take strain off of the user's wrist. These connectors also create compact connections without the need for additional fittings.
Check out our expanded selection of metal swivel fittings >>

Get more information about the metal swivel fittings in this video

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New Spring Loaded Check Valves Series

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JCV Series – Check Valve


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New Products - Industrial Interchange



Announcing Our New Industrial Interchange Product Line!

  • Connections include Male NPT, Female NPT and Hose Barb
  • Materials Include: Plated Steel & Brass
  • Made in the USA
  • See Them All