Clear-VU EZ Connect™ Food Safe Filter - New Products

ISM's Clear-VU EZ Connect™ 10 micron filter is now available in 100% food safe materials

The Clear-VU EZ ConnectTM Filter

Why update the Clear-Vu filter with 100% FDA food compliant materials?

Creative design is a core component of the Industrial Specialties Mfg. and IS Med Specialties (ISM) approach to problem solving. We develop new products to meet both specific customer needs and market requirements. ISM's product development team views the addition of new products as critical to meeting the demands of the constantly changing business environment.

The Clear-VU EZ Connect™ Filter is one of the latest and original new products developed at ISM.

Some details about these Clear-VU filter product updates

As we continue to expand the capabilities of our new filter, we are pleased to announce that the 10 micron version is now manufactured using 100% FDA compliant food contact materials. This filter is ideal for point-of-use filtration of water, coffee, beer, carbonated beverages, dairy and other consumable liquids. Learn more >> 

In addition to Buna-N O-rings we have added FDA food grade EPDM and Viton O-ring options to the entire Clear-VU EZ Connect™ Filter product line. View in catalog >> 

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