Plastic Hose Barb Styles

Large selection of plastic barb fittings

Industrial Specialties Mfg. has one of the world’s largest selections of plastic barb fittings. With such a wide choice in barb styles and configurations, Industrial Specialties Mfg. is the best source for finding a plastic barb fitting for your specific application.

The Standard Barb Style is characterized by a longer barb that extends the sealing surface of the fitting. Tubing is expanded from 42% to 69% above its nominal ID.

The High Pressure Barb Style offers outstanding performance characteristics when used with flexible tubing. Tubing is expanded by 50% above its nominal ID permitting high-pressure capabilities.

The Easy Assembly Barb Style provides easy assembly while maintaining excellent pressure and tensile capabilities. The tubing is expanded to 25% above its nominal ID.

The Full Range Barb Style is designed to accommodate a range of tube sizes and tube types. Consideration should be given to flow restriction, pressure capability and the force required for assembly of the tube. No parting lines are present on these single barb styles.

The Multi-Barb Style is featured with 2 or more barbed ridges providing more contact with the tubing.

The Small Multi-Barb Style does not have a molded parting line on the first barb. This prevents the part from leaking.


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