Pack Expo Demos

Pack Expo Demos from ISM and United Silicone

Watch our heat seal demos from Pack Expo Connects 2020

Silicone Seal Heads for Today’s Rigid Cup and Tray Packaging

Silicone Seal Heads for Today’s Rigid Cup and Tray Packaging Have you ever had a weld instead of a seal? Or had 2 million out-of-spec cups with no way to seal them? Then you won’t want to miss this demo!

Brenda Denny from United Silicone will talk through when to consider Silicone Seal Heads vs. Metal Seal Heads as a way to eliminate “leakers” and preserve your brand's reputation. We’ll talk about thermally conductive materials as well as magnetic quick-change formats to keep your lines running.


Silicone Seal Bars & Jaws for Today’s Food Packaging Designs

Get ready for an “ah-ha” moment that will leave you kicking yourself for using Teflon tape and wraps.

In this demo, Jim Knudson from ISM demonstrates how Silicone Seal Bars & Jaws reduce “leakers” and bubbles. Get ready to say “goodbye” to Teflon tape for good!


Heat Tolerant, Recoatable Silicone Rollers for Flexible & Rigid Packaging

Don’t throw your rollers away until you’ve seen this demo!

ISM’s Jim Knudson will show you how recoatable Silicone Rollers can help you become more sustainable and save money.


Part Support Fixtures/Anvils

From complex designs to simple support fixtures, United Silicone’s Brenda Denny showcases how compliant Anvils provide ideal support for tray and cup sealing applications.

This demo will introduce you to an array of silicone-to-metal bonded fixtures as well as continuous gasket formats designed to meet your production environment.