Custom Heat Seal Solutions for Food Packaging

The right packaging tooling helps you get the reliable seal quality and production volumes you need

Industrial Specialties Mfg. (ISM) is the master distributor for heat seal silicone sheets from United Silicone. Our distribution relationship with United Silicone allows us to provide our customers with these exceptional products just as they are needed.

Our United Silicone metal bonded materials are heat tolerant to 550°F, outperforming many industrial compliant materials currently available. They are engineered to withstand the temperature, pressure and dwell time requirements of heat sealing and packaging tooling applications.

A color photo of part of a typical grocery store dairy isle showing a sampling of food and beverage packaging.

The Time Saving Value of Customization


Experience less downtime with quick and easy-to-change mounting systems. Faster and easier changeovers mean less disruption and more efficient production lines.


Customization means a precision fit for your application. No more need for silicone rubber retrofitting. Save time and get the close tolerances needed for reliable, airtight packaging seals.


Eliminates the need for messy and unreliable adhesives and lasts up to seven times longer. Just replace the custom mounts and go. No more sticky, gooey messes slowing you down.

A color photo of a custom heat seal silicone bonded metal holding fixture for rigid and semi-rigid packaging.


Gaskets and Magnetic Mounting Blocks

Common uses include nest or anvil support for sealing tray, cup and other rigid and semi-rigid containers.

  • Customization means a perfect fit for your application. 
  • Saves time you would have spent cutting and retrofitting silicone due to its precision fit to your application.
  • Helps ensure strong, airtight seals for both rigid and semi-rigid containers without the need for Teflon® tape.
  • Heat seal rubber that lasts up to seven times longer - just replace the custom mounts and go.

A color photo of a custom heat seal silicone bonded metal part holding support fixture.

Seal Heads

Common uses include blister nest and anvil support for sealing trays, tubs, cups, clamshells and skin packs.

  • Precision customized sealing heads ensure seal integrity by providing uniform heat sealing pressures and temperatures.
  • Magnetic mounting blocks make make changeovers fast and easy and reduce downtime.
  • Made using high temperature, high heat-tolerant silicone suitable for multilayer films.


A color photo of custom rubber rollers made of high temperature silicone rubber bonded to metal cores.


Common uses include film feeding systems for bag, pouch, rigid, semi-rigid and other packaging sealing.

  • Exceptionally durable - made with a proprietary manufacturing process that chemically bonds the high temperature silicone to a metal core.
  • Custom rollers allow quick changeovers because the rollers match your machine's mountings.
  • Replacement is a breeze keeping machines running at their optimized settings.
  • Precision ground roller surfaces without meeting points or seams deliver consistent, reliable seals.


 A color photo of custom heat seal sealing bars and three styles of flexible packaging and pouches.


Seal Bars & Jaws

Common uses include bag sealing, form-fill-seal (FFS) units and pouch machines.

  • Thermally conductive, high-temperature silicone seal bar assemblies provide superior sealing performance.
  • Crowned design and precision tolerances eliminate leaks and create consistent, airtight seals.
  • Made using high temperature, high heat-tolerant silicone suitable for multilayer films.
  • Teflon® bonded silicone option for an enhanced release surface without the need for messy and unreliable adhesives.



We're here to create the perfect heat seal tools for your application

A color photo of both unbonded and silicone-to-metal bonded high temperature silicone rubber sheets.

All customized products are made to order at our manufacturing partner's United Silicone facility in Lancaster, NY. 

Use the form at the top of this page to contact us and ISM will follow up with you to discuss your needs today.