New Custom, Precision, Cut-to-Length Plastic Tubing Services

Last Updated February 5, 2020

ISM production department’s precision high speed tubing cutter
ISM custom services include custom cut tubing
The ISM production department has a special piece of equipment to their toolbox: a high-speed automated tubing cutter. This countertop cutter is able to cut up to 100 feet of tubing per minute. That’s fast! Even with very short lengths of tubing that require more frequent cuts, the machine still cuts an average of 65 feet per minute. This is really useful for us because ISM makes thousands of tubing assemblies for our customers every month.

Watch this video to see our precision tubing cutter in action >>

ISM uses an AZCO compact bench top automatic custom tubing cutter.
AZCO is a manufacturer of feeding and cutting machines for flexible materials >>

What our new tubing cutter can do
This tubing cutter is precise and makes perfect square cuts with no pinching. It can cut tubing ranging from 0.08” OD (outer diameter) to 1” OD. Custom tubing lengths can be as short as about 1/4" (7.32mm) or as long as about 80 feet (25m). All within a +/-0.055-inch (1.4mm) tolerance or 0.5% for longer lengths. Able to cut through a variety of different materials:

ISM value-added services include customized fittings and custom tubing assemblies.

Watch this video to see what we can do for you >>

Our tubing cutter makes fast, clean precision cuts every time. If you are looking for custom cut tubing, an assembly or sub-assembly, ISM can help!

ISM also has a Class 100,000 clean room we use to provide sub-assembly services for medical, biopharmaceutical, food processing or industrial chemical processing applications.

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