A Culture of Giving Back

Because we know the power of collaboration and connection

Ashleigh, an anonymous helper and James dropping off suppliess for the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless COVID-19 temporary homeless shelter.

James shown with staff from the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
dropping off food for the front line workers at a COVID-19 temporary
homeless shelter

Although it’s not something we interview for when we hire, ISM has somehow attracted like-minded folks to their team. Folks who share a common value of giving back to their communities and other charities. 

It’s pretty amazing, actually, and it starts at the top.

ISM’s President, James Davis, is personally involved with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and has been a member of the organization’s Board of Directors for over a decade. 

The Coalition is “a national leader in providing integrated housing, health care, vocational and supportive services” to fight against homelessness. 

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At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, CCH had set up a temporary homeless shelter, health care testing, and treatment triage center at the National Western Complex in Denver. Last May, James joined his daughter, Ashleigh, in delivering food to the CCH staff and health care workers who were tirelessly working to care for formerly chronic homeless individuals in need.

The ISM office donations box for the Denver Santa Claus Shop.

Denver Santa Claus Shop donations

At the company-level, ISM supports the Denver Santa Claus Shop each year. Usually, in the form of a cash donation and an internal toy drive.

Teresa Jarvis, the Program Manager of Marketing and organizer for this fundraiser at ISM says, "The first time I volunteered with The Denver Santa Claus Shop, it was so heart-warming to see all the children's smiling and happy faces helping them pick out their toys. I'm honored to lead the initiative to promote the toy drive in our office every year! No child should go without a present at Christmas time.”

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In past years, ISM’s marketing team has volunteered as a group, spending a few hours handing out toys to families. 

Unfortunately, that won’t be possible this year as a result of COVID-19. 

“Volunteering as a team is not only a generous act,” says ISM’s Director of Marketing, Travis Scott, “but I’ve also seen it bring our team closer together.”

New England Patriots running back Rex Burkhead and ISM's Director of Marketing Travis Scott.

Travis with New England Patriots
running back, Rex Burkhead, at
The Team Jack Foundation Gala.

Travis is among several ISM employees who give back in their free time. He provides pro bono marketing consulting to The Team Jack Foundation in Nebraska. He also manages their Google Grants advertising program.

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Susanna A., the Creative Lead, Design & Digital on the marketing team, along with her parents, works with Victory House, a housing initiative for homeless military veterans led by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

"Growing up in Cheyenne, my mom used to take my sisters and me to the VA Hospital to visit elderly patients,” mentioned Susanna.

She added, “Seeing my mom’s heart for helping veterans started there, and she showed me you don’t have to do a lot; just being there for people can make a difference.”

Her father, nephew, grandfather, uncles, cousins and best friend, are all military veterans, so being able to contribute to Victory House means a lot to her.

Victory House, a housing initiative for homeless military veterans led by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

              Victory House

Learn how The Coalition responds to the unique needs of homeless veterans >>

Another member of the marketing team, Yasmin Solis, has been leading a group of her friends for several years to collectively contribute donations to various charities around the holidays. This year they pooled their funds together toward a contribution to the Denver Santa Claus Shop.

The marketing team isn’t the only team giving back at ISM. Derek Scheik, a member of the sales team, plays on a local rugby team that wanted to find a way to give back to a local community that had been negatively impacted by COVID-19.

As a result, his team of 17 to 20 guys raised $1,500 to help support Littleton Public Schools in providing local families in need with gift cards. These gift cards can be used toward coats, boots, food, holiday gifts, and other winter necessities.

The Principal of the school said, “This is really incredible. I am blown away by the generosity of your group.” He concluded, “So many of our families will benefit.”

This past year, 2020, has been a challenging year filled with changes for so many. However, one thing hasn’t changed: ISM is built on a foundation of generous and caring individuals who value giving back to their communities and charitable organizations.