65PS Series - Polysulfone Quick Couplings

  • Bodies & Terminations: Udel® Polysulfone
  • Thumb-latch: Udel® Polysulfone
  • Manufactured from high performance thermoplastic Udel® Polysulfone
  • 1/2” Flow
  • 65PS couplings have a full flow, non-valved, smooth internal bore that doubles the flow of the 60 Series with minimal turbulence
  • These autoclavable couplings are extremely durable and withstand chemical resistance
  • 65PS Series couplings interconnect with 65GP Series as well as other compatible plastic latch type couplings.
  • Operating Pressure: Vacuum to 125psi (8.6bar)
  • Temperature:-40°F to 280°F (-40°C to 138°C)
  • O-rings: FDA Buna (others available)
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