ISO 80369-3 Enteral Feeding

ISO 80369-3 Enteral Feeding

Enteral is the first clinical application to make the transition to new, safer connectors. ISO 80369-3 enteral feeding connectors have been designed to improve patient safety and reduce the risk of feeding misconnections. The new standard has changed the configuration of the male and female connectors. The enteral connectors are larger and will not allow connectivity with the male luer or female luer connectors that meet the ISO 594 standards or any other connectors for any other clinical use. They also provide a locking feature that signals the appropriate connection and stays in place. Administration sets and syringes have a female connector end that fit into a male patient-access feeding tube port.

ISO 80369-3 Enteral Feeding Options

  • ENT Series - ISO 80369-3

    ENT Series - ISO 80369-3

    • Enteral Feeding Applications
    • ISO 80369-3 Compliant
    • Male Luer or Female Luer x Bond-In Port
    • Natural ABS or Polypropylene