As our name Specialties indicates, we offer a wide range of plastic tubing and can perform a unique manufacturing role. If single parts aren't exactly what you need, we offer assembly services and can design something that meets your needs. In fact, that's what a number of our products represent - customized designs for unique customer challenges. We offer a line of ideas, so if you don't see it - ask for it. We're often willing to work at volume levels for custom tubing assemblies where most others won't.

In addition to making standard commercial grade tubing assemblies, we are able to put together assemblies requiring special processes. This includes producing tubing sub-assemblies in our Class 100,000 (ISO 8) Clean Room. Learn about our clean room Medical Sub-Assemblies.

Industrial Specialties Mfg. (ISM) also offers product testing services. Our capabilities include leak, pressure, vacuum and burst testing. Learn more about ISM’s In-House Product Testing.

Let us help you turn your ideas for pneumatic or fluidic circuitry assemblies into reality.

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Here is an example of a tubing assembly we developed to address specific customer requirements:

Customer's Inquiry

10 micron filter assembly with ¼” Male NPT connections. Inlet side with push-in connection

Product Components

Components of a filter assembly Male NPT thread by push-in connections


Concept of a filter assembly Male NPT thread by push-in connections

Finished Product

The final product of a filter assembly of Male NPT thread by push-in connections