Draft - When Do Customized Services Matter?

The ISM Difference - It matters every time you contact your partner vendor for help and advice

When using a supplier website or contacting them for a component part, you have some specific ideas in mind. It can be surprisingly difficult though, finding something that works right off-the-shelf.

What to do next? Rethink the design idea or keep searching?

Wouldn’t it be better if there were one single source you could turn to? The best option is a supplier that carries a wide selection of relevant and useful parts. A selection large enough that finding an off-the-shelf solution is not only possible but also probable.

Another possibility is that this supplier might bring along an experience-based bag of tricks to draw from.

Custom sub-assembly solutions for Automated Logic building automation systems 

Automated Logic develops automation systems that allow centralized management of control systems with the goal of maximizing both building efficiency and tenant comfort. Within one of their systems, they use a custom-made ISM filtration sub-assembly. It is part of the system’s air quality sampling and monitoring component.


Working with a supplier should not simply be a matter of placing orders for parts. Anyone can be an order taker. A supplier that works with and for every customer brings so much more to the table.

  • Experience sourcing parts
  • Experience customizing parts
  • Experience supporting design iterations and testing
  • Experience producing and delivering the right part, in the right quantity and on time

ISM is big but small. Able to provide production quantities driven to providing 1:1 attention for every customer. We aggressively support individualized solutions because they are necessary for modern design development and manufacturing success.

Contact us now for a free account evaluation. Let’s design the right mix of services, component design, inventory management and delivery options you need. Together we can develop solutions that provide valuable production efficiencies, spare parts support or after-sales services that will sustain your business and help it flourish.

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