5 Reasons for Outsourcing Inventory Management

Customer Services July 3, 2017
The ISM Difference - Keep inventory under control so you can focus on what you do best The key to manufacturing competitiveness is taking care of valuable resources. Businesses that reduce management distractions, minimize inventory-carrying costs and focus on core competencies improve their competitive advantage. Outsourcing inventory management can be useful for achieving these goals. Introduction Inventory management is important...

Job Opening - Sales and Business Administrator – Englewood, CO

May 16, 2017
ISM is looking for a Sales and Business Administrator to join our growing team in Englewood, CO. You’re the ideal candidate for this role if you are extremely well-organized, proficient in MS Office (especially Excel and Outlook) and possess a strong desire to learn and continue your professional development with our growing company. We take pride in providing...

6 Reasons You Should be Using Clear-VU Filters

May 11, 2017
The Clear-VU in-line filter is the best choice when flexibility and ease of installation matter The ISM Clear-VU filter is a versatile and useful addition to any design, maintenance or repair parts kit. It comes with filter element choices ranging from 10 to 250 microns. Color coded by micron rating, these filters are a smart choice for demanding environments where easy installation...

Full Port Ball Valves vs Standard Port

Miniature Valves April 19, 2017

Full port ball valves provide almost no resistance to flow through the valve

Summary: The flow path through a full port valve body is the same size as the flow coming into the valve and leaving it via its tube or pipe connections. Standard port valves have smaller bodies overall with a corresponding narrowing inside the valve body.

Questions about the differences between full port or full bore valves and standard valves come up pretty regularly for us. I am going to try to answer some of them in this post. I’ve included some related information in the form of a short FAQ list...

New ISM team members

About ISM March 2, 2017

We are pleased to announce the newest members of the ISM team!

Patrick Foltz joined our team taking on the position of Operations Manager. This critical position with ISM ensures that our operations, warehouse and production are all running with great efficiency. Patrick’s years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution industries make him a great fit for his position. He has worked across various markets including machining and pharmaceutical. His familiarity with FDA standards and regulations is ...

Diaphragm Check Valve Featured Products A1172 and A1173

Check Valves February 16, 2017

About the featured miniature diaphragm check valves

Our featured check valves are the compact A1172 (blue) and A1173 (black) plastic diaphragm check valves. They are designed for vacuum and low-pressure systems and only need very low pressure differences to open or close.

The valve bodies are made of quality heat stabilized Nylon resins. They are manufactured in the US using automotive grade component........

New Overstock Plastic Diaphragm Check Valves

Check Valves January 26, 2017
ISM has just added a selection of diaphragm check valves to our overstock parts A little about our overstock plastic diaphragm check valves We are known for our broad selection of low-pressure and vacuum system component parts. One of our most frequently requested fittings is the diaphragm check valve. This type of check valve is so useful because it provides...

How Do Diaphragm Check Valves Work?

Check Valves January 25, 2017

Check valves come in a wide range of sizes and materials. They provide automatic flow control of liquids and gases using a variety of mechanisms. Small-bore low-pressure systems and vacuum systems make extensive use of diaphragm check valves. They are used prevent reverse flow and the problems that could result from it. This post briefly describes...

Elastomers Chemical Compatibility Chart, a New Resource

Materials December 8, 2016
The new ISM Elastomers Chemical Compatibility Chart is now available as a downloadable PDF Introduction Product development and routine maintenance require choosing and sourcing parts. Knowing the right questions to ask help ensure the correct part is ordered. Our new Elastomers Chemical Compatibility Chart is another in a series of ISM technical resources that help make component selection faster and...

Elastomers and Rubbers: What’s the Difference?

Materials December 5, 2016

Elastomers and rubbers are handy because of their unique material properties

What are elastomers and rubbers?

Elastomers are best described as rubbery materials. Rubber originally meant natural rubber. Later on, elastomer became the word used to talk about synthetic rubbers. Most rubbery materials are now considered a type of elastomeric material.

Elastomers are useful

Liquid and gas handling systems require flexible, durable and reliable seals. Elastomers are perfectly...