New ISM team members

About ISM March 2, 2017

We are pleased to announce the newest members of the ISM team!

[Patrick Foltz] Patrick Foltz joined our team taking on the position of Operations Manager. This critical position with ISM ensures that our operations, warehouse and production are all running with great efficiency. Patrick’s years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution industries make him a great fit for his position. He has worked across various markets including machining and pharmaceutical. His familiarity with FDA standards and regulations is ...

Diaphragm Check Valve Featured Products A1172 and A1173

Check Valves February 16, 2017

About the featured miniature diaphragm check valves

Our featured check valves are the compact A1172 (blue) and A1173 (black) plastic diaphragm check valves. They are designed for vacuum and low-pressure systems and only need very low pressure differences to open or close.

The valve bodies are made of quality heat stabilized Nylon resins. They are manufactured in the US using automotive grade component........

New Overstock Plastic Diaphragm Check Valves

Check Valves January 26, 2017
ISM has just added a selection of diaphragm check valves to our overstock parts A little about our overstock plastic diaphragm check valves We are known for our broad selection of low-pressure and vacuum system component parts. One of our most frequently requested fittings is the diaphragm check valve. This type of check valve is so useful because it provides...

How Do Diaphragm Check Valves Work?

Check Valves January 25, 2017

Check valves come in a wide range of sizes and materials. They provide automatic flow control of liquids and gases using a variety of mechanisms. Small-bore low-pressure systems and vacuum systems make extensive use of diaphragm check valves. They are used prevent reverse flow and the problems that could result from it. This post briefly describes...

Elastomers Chemical Compatibility Chart, a New Resource

Materials December 8, 2016
The new ISM Elastomers Chemical Compatibility Chart is now available as a downloadable PDF Introduction Product development and routine maintenance require choosing and sourcing parts. Knowing the right questions to ask help ensure the correct part is ordered. Our new Elastomers Chemical Compatibility Chart is another in a series of ISM technical resources that help make component selection faster and...

Elastomers and Rubbers: What’s the Difference?

Materials December 5, 2016

Elastomers and rubbers are handy because of their unique material properties

What are elastomers and rubbers?

Elastomers are best described as rubbery materials. Rubber originally meant natural rubber. Later on, elastomer became the word used to talk about synthetic rubbers. Most rubbery materials are now considered a type of elastomeric material.

Elastomers are useful

Liquid and gas handling systems require flexible, durable and reliable seals. Elastomers are perfectly...

Mesh vs Micron

In-line Filters November 28, 2016

By: Travis Scott

As the Director of Marketing at ISM, I am responsible for managing our advertising programs, one of which is Google AdWords. One of my weekly tasks is to analyze the keywords and phrases people use to find the search ads we have created and look for opportunities to create more targeted ads and keywords we bid on.

Recently I’ve noticed a phrase that shows up time after time - “mesh vs micron” Since this seems to be a common search/question that people have I thought it would be helpful to provide some insight into these two measurements...

Tapered Pipe Threads and Fittings: Making the Connection

October 24, 2016

Ensuring a gas or liquid-tight connection means understanding tapered pipe threads

Tube and pipe are not the same thing

Tube and pipe are hollow structures designed to provide a path for the flow of fluids or gases. The main difference between tube and pipe is that pipe walls are thicker and stiffer. Tubing is never threaded because its walls are too thin. Pipe walls are strong enough to support cut or molded threads. Threaded pipe can provide gas or liquid-tight connections that are mechanically strong.

Pipe threads

There are many national and international standards for pipe threads. They vary by intended use such as garden hose threads and...

Job Opening - Operations Manager – Englewood, CO

October 14, 2016
ISM is looking for an Operations Manager to join our growing team in Englewood, CO. You’re the ideal candidate for this role if you have experience with inventory management and quality control, IT troubleshooting and cross-functional collaboration. Because of the nature of this role, you will be great at communicating with a multitude of different people within the...

Job Opening - Sales Support Administrator – Englewood, CO

October 14, 2016
ISM is looking for a Sales Support Administrator to join our growing team in Englewood, CO. You’re the ideal candidate for this role if you are extremely well-organized, proficient in MS Office (especially Excel and Outlook) and possess a strong desire to learn and continue your professional development with our growing company. You also take pride in providing...