New Overstock Plastic Diaphragm Check Valves

ISM has just added a selection of diaphragm check valves to our overstock parts

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A little about our overstock plastic diaphragm check valves

We are known for our broad selection of low-pressure and vacuum system component parts. One of our most frequently requested fittings is the diaphragm check valve. This type of check valve is so useful because it provides reliable, economic backflow protection. Its chemical resistance makes it particularly effective in all sorts of applications.

Common uses for plastic diaphragm check valves include:

  • Help maintain system pressure or vacuum
  • Reduce the possibility of equipment damage
  • Prevent potential system malfunction
  • Help prevent contamination from unwanted backflow

About ISM overstock opportunities


An exploded view of an ISM modular check valve. Click here to go to a landing page where you can get more information about these valves.

Modular Check Valves

We've taken spring-loaded check valves to a whole new level. Mix and match imperial and metric connections. Watch the video.

A play button for a video about ISM's modular check valves. Click here to go to a landing page where you can watch the video.

Where ISM overstock diaphragm check valves come from:

  • Too many of a part on hand for current demand
  • A part is no longer available from the manufacturer

What does this mean for you?

  • Great prices on quality components
  • Many overstock parts are priced below cost
  • Quantities are limited

Overstock inventory is priced to sell - so order early for the best selection.

Learn more about how diaphragm check valves work.


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