Meet the ISM Team - Susanna A.

Susanna A. – Creative Lead Design/Digital

Susanna's video interview

During her teenage years, Susanna spent hours using software like word and paint to make collages, CD covers and posters. By her early twenties she began pursuing higher education studies in digital design and fine art.

In the summer of 2007, Susanna applied for a first-time program through NBC Universal in California, where she was studying at the time. With the recommendation of her professors and having passed through the interview process, she was one of five students selected for the summer apprenticeship program. The program paired her with a high-level executive in the NBC Universal Creative Services department. She’s been working in the creative field ever since.

Her professional experiences include a vast range of projects including photo retouching, digital billboards, print catalogs, online advertising and video production.

Six years after coming onboard with ISM’s Marketing Department, she was promoted to Creative Lead Design/Digital. A position where she is responsible for overseeing all creative digital surfaces for both businesses and product marketing. She continues to focus on creative and marketing initiatives and has developed an interest in digital and search advertising. During the past few years, she’s gained her certifications in Google and Bing advertising, and has attended search engine marketing conferences in Silicon Valley.

When she’s off the clock she is focused on continuing her education and spending time with her husband and their two cats. She also likes indoor cycling, gardening, the arts (viewing and making), volunteering (for veteran and child trafficking causes) and exploring Colorado.