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Clean Room Repackaging and Sub-Assemblies

Value added services

ISM cleanroom workers repackaging

In addition to repackaging, IS Med Specialties (ISM) provides tailored assembly services for customers in need of medical tubing sub-assemblies (tubing sets). Performed inside of the ISM on-site ISO 8, Class 100,000 clean room, these unique sub-assemblies are built and packaged to fit specific customer requirements. ISM repackages medical filtration and component products in quantities that provide convenience to customers without introducing additional particulate matter or bio-burden to the products. This ability to assemble medical component products in both small and large volumes sets ISM apart from other companies.

The ISM product management team uses 3D CAD technology to create one-of-a-kind sub-assemblies. A wide range of medical components can be attached to tubing according to the customer’s requirements.

Customer centric processes such as custom labeling and repackaging permit ISM to manage the finished look of the product or assembly. Repackaging capabilities include volume reduction from a large quantity bag to smaller bags and multi-part kitting into a single bag.

Often willing to work at volume levels for special products where most others won't, ISM's value added services fulfill a unique need in the medical marketplace.



 Here is an example of a product development that we have undertaken to address a specific customer's requirement:

Customer's Inquiry

125 Micron filter with diaphragm check valve separated by clear polyurethane tubing, a male luer lock end with tubing between the filter and male luer. Female luer thread end with tubing between check valve and female luer.



Final product

Sub-Assembly Drawing

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